Friday, June 6, 2014

Lessons :: Pregnancy Update / Week 24

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Hey y'all and welcome to my new blog! I'm not "officially" launching it for another month, so if you stumbled over here by accident, you are one lucky duck. ;) I am just gathering ideas and creating a few posts for now as I set this up...

I wanted to start pregnancy updates sooner rather than later, so here we go!

DUE DATE: September 22, 2014 (right on the cusp of Virgo + Libra!)

HOW FAR ALONG: 24 weeks

GENDER: It's a boy!


STRETCH MARKS: Nope! *knocks on wood* I've been using this amazing oil and lotion after every shower, so that could be helping.

SWELLING: I mean, my tits have grown two sizes, if that's what you mean.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I've pretty much been wearing Brandon's basketball shorts with huge t-shirts. Comfort is key here, people.

BELLY BUTTON: It's in. I didn't even know that it's supposed to pop out until recently, so that's a fun fact!

SLEEP: During the first trimester, I was so sick and tired that I could easily sleep 12-14 hours a night (plus, I had just left my job where I was only getting 4-6 hours every night for 2.5 years). Now that I'm getting my energy back, I'm getting maybe 8-9. I'd love to sleep more, but sometimes I get up to pee really early and then can't fall back to sleep, or I'll wake up with back pains. It's nothing unbearable, though.

CRAVINGS: I've been craving bread, cheese, fruit and sweets for my entire pregnancy, but those are also my favorite foods anyway -- so I'm not sure if hormones have anything to do with it. A couple months ago I could barely stand the sight and smell of vegetables, but fortunately I've been able to incorporate those back into my diet recently. I've also (gasp!) been craving meat; I even had a dream that I was eating a huge burger with bacon! After being some form of vegetarian/pescetarian for the past four years, it's a strange feeling, but I've started to incorporate meat products back into my life -- not anything major, but if the roommates make a stew made with meat, I'll take the chunks out. I used to not eat anything that even touched meat or was made with meat broth, etc. I think I just said "meat" 10 times in a row.

DREAMS: Speaking of dreams, they've been super freaky, which I've heard is common. They range from ultra-sexual (one night I dreamt I had sex with Kevin Hart, another night I had sex with a girl) to ultra-scary (being chased by zombie vampires and/or getting stabbed or drowning) to doing stuff I'm not supposed to do while pregnant (smoking, drinking, etc).

SYMPTOMS: Sometimes I get cramping in my right ovary (where the baby was fertilized) or, like I said, back pains.

MOVEMENT: This dude kicks all the freakin' time. It's fun. He's gonna be wild.

MOOD: A lot of people have been asking if I've had mood swings, but I'm proud to say that I haven't become a crazy pregnant lady (yet). I've noticed that I've been a little more outspoken (if that's even possible), because I think that once you get pregnant, you just don't give a shit what people think anymore. It's pretty invigorating. I've also been super sentimental and nostalgic; things like commercials and reality shows make me cry. I watched Undercover Boss the other day, and I was a mess. I can't imagine how I'll be the day my baby's born!

LABOR SIGNS: None... I think... it's too early!

WHAT I MISS: Being able to sleep on my stomach, sprawled out like a starfish. And booze.

WEDDING RINGS ON OR OFF: We ain't married, bitches!

BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Seeing the doctor and being reassured that baby and mama are healthy and normal.

For more on how I'm feeling, head over to the main blog for my weekly Friday Feelings post!
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