Friday, July 11, 2014

Lessons :: Pregnancy Update / Week 29

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Seeing as I haven't done a pregnancy update in over a month, there is much to report! These past couple weeks have been, well, strange. I had to get my glucose level checked, which is normal, but now I have a bruise where my blood was drawn. That's never happened before so I'm a little worried, but it doesn't hurt so I'm going to ignore it until I can see my doctor again. However, my blood sugar was over the line (too many cupcakes, perhaps), so I do need to go back and get the test done again. I also found out that my blood type is negative, so I need to get a series of shots to turn it positive while I'm pregnant. Basically, I'm being poked and prodded so much that my fear of needles is pretty non-existent now, so at least there's that. I know things could be worse, and as far as I know Baby L is healthy, which is all that matters. So, I am just going to continue trusting God with all of this and move forward!

I feel like I said "so" about 80 times in that paragraph. My apologies.

DUE DATE: September 20-22, 2014 (my doctor says he might be early now!)

HOW FAR ALONG: 29 weeks

GENDER: It's a boy, yes we have a name, no we're not telling ;)


STRETCH MARKS: Nope! *crosses fingers*

SWELLING: Only after getting off the plane in Michigan.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Yes! I finally picked some up from Target and (my favorite thus far) Motherhood Maternity. I also have a new bra from Soma (but if my lady lumps get any bigger, I'll have to get a custom-made one).

BELLY BUTTON: It's in but stretching!

SLEEP: I've been having to pee more often which is pretty disruptive. I'm talking every 1-3 hours. I wish I was joking. I guess it's just preparing me for when I'll have to do night feedings!

CRAVINGS: Sometimes everything, sometimes nothing. I came down with a bug over 4th of July weekend and after a headache and scratchy throat, I threw up for the first time since month four. But right now I'm craving pizza after seeing this, if you're wondering.

DREAMS: I'm starting to get nightmares about the birth, and I also had one where my body was totally lopsided because the baby keeps only kicking my right side and I'm scared that he's stuck there and I'm going to grow all weird.

SYMPTOMS: Same as before, a little bit of cramping and back pains. Nothing new here, but nothing excruciating.

MOVEMENT: Baby L is still kicking away, especially before/during/after eating, and when I'm laying down at night. So, pretty much always. It's still magic to me, even when he jabs me in the ribs :)

MOOD: Crying almost daily, but not angry. I'll take it.

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Seeing this little guy! I'm already bored of being pregnant!

BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Brandon reminding me that there's no "I" in team (because I like to believe I'm alone in this for some reason), and yes, tears were shed. I love him so much!
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