Friday, July 18, 2014

Lessons :: Pregnancy Update / Week 30

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This week definitely had it's ups and downs. I wish I had posted more updates during the second trimester because it was definitely the happiest one, as most people say, and I hate to be a downer on y'all. Nevertheless, I am continuing to focus on the good and look forward to meeting our son in just 10 weeks!

DUE DATE: September 20, 2014

HOW FAR ALONG: 30 weeks

GENDER: Cute little swirl boy. Watch out, ladies!

WEIGHT GAIN: 35+ lbs (I purposely don't own a scale, so I only find out my weight when I see the doctor)

STRETCH MARKS: Nope! *crosses toes*

SWELLING: My feet look a teeny bit bigger but it ain't bad.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: That's almost exclusively what I'm wearing now, and it is such a comfy way to dress.

BELLY BUTTON: Still in, still stretching!

SLEEP: The frequent urination and obnoxious back pains are still occurring, so I've been making an effort to get to bed earlier so I can try to make up for lost sleep throughout the night. It seems to be working!

CRAVINGS: Pizza, hummus, fruit... all my favorite things :)

DREAMS: I don't think I've been sleeping enough lately to even get to REM!

SYMPTOMS: Nothing new...

MOVEMENT: Bigger baby = harder kicks!

MOOD: Still ugly-crying. I feel bad that B has to deal with the waterworks. He's a trooper.

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Being in our new home without roommates and finally feeling like a family.

BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Getting taken out to dinner by my amazing friend Dina. So much love.

*Photo of my hairy belly from Instagram.
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