Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Loves :: Maternity Photo Inspiration (for Couples)

 photo baby-loudmouth-blog-maternity-photo-couple-1.jpg

Although I had some maternity photos done solo in Michigan (see here + here + here + here + here), I do want to get Brandon in on the fun. In fact, we're scheduling maternity shoots with more than one photographer here in LA because I like to play the field like that. As it goes for most dudes, he's not really into pictures, but he's sweet and plays along. Someday when he's old and gray I'm sure he'll be grateful. I'm really excited to incorporate some of the ideas that I've been collecting on my Pinterest board.

 photo baby-loudmouth-blog-maternity-photo-couple-2.jpg

I still have the banner that my sister made for the baby shower she hosted in my hometown, so I would love to use that for some shots. I also like the idea of incorporating our son's ultrasound pictures, too.

 photo baby-loudmouth-blog-maternity-photo-couple-3.jpg
 photo baby-loudmouth-blog-maternity-photo-couple-4.jpg
 photo baby-loudmouth-blog-maternity-photo-couple-5.jpg
 photo baby-loudmouth-blog-maternity-photo-couple-6.jpg

I'm not ashamed to admit that I like romantically cheesy poses in fields or parks with natural light, but I do want to make sure they're candid-looking and real. I want to capture these treasured moments as we're falling even more in love. Don't worry, I won't be posting mine with any annoying watermarks.

 photo baby-loudmouth-blog-maternity-photo-couple-7.jpg
 photo baby-loudmouth-blog-maternity-photo-couple-8.jpg
 photo baby-loudmouth-blog-maternity-photo-couple-9.jpg
 photo baby-loudmouth-blog-maternity-photo-couple-10.jpg
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