Thursday, September 11, 2014

Loves :: 5 Pros of Pregnancy

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I promise I don't always look as annoyed as I do above (only like 75% of the time).

I don't wanna be one of THOSE negative people though (insert wink emoji) so today I wanted to talk about the good parts of being preggers. Pregnancy is a huge blessing and an incredible journey and, just in case you forgot, involves a big reward at the end. Overall, baking a baby is pretty miraculous and shouldn't be taken for granted. My girl Bon (I say that like we're friends, but we're not -- I just feel like we are) wrote a similar post a few months back, but my points are a little different...

1) Every moment counts a little more. These are the last months (now, mere days!) that I'll be completely alone while everyone else is at work. This means even the simplest things like a quiet bath and a whole afternoon to write are super special. Of course, after all these "lasts" will come the firsts -- first step, first word, first tooth. It gives me a lot to look forward to while still taking advantage of the present.

2) Eating is for pleasure. Since becoming pregnant, there have been times when I ate a lot, and then weeks where I was so sick I didn't feel like eating at all. Either way, everything I put in my mouth was something I wanted, craved, or simply enjoyed. I didn't count calories, and though I gained a good amount of weight, I've been ignoring the number on the scale. I have the rest of my life to get back in shape; I did it before, and I can do it again. For now, I'm enjoying food without guilt, which is hard for many of us to normally do!

3) Dressing is for comfort. I felt a lot more pressure to look good on a daily basis before I got pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I didn't feel ugly if I left the house in sweatpants and a bare face, but I didn't do it nearly as often as I have lately. I'm pretty sure that pregnant ladies get a pass when it comes to appearance. I just hope that my baby bump and rosy glow are cute enough for the world, and I run my errands per usual. Though I'm excited to wear crop tops, short shorts, and heels again I've been loving my cozy wardrobe.

4) Intimacy has become even more, well, intimate. Without getting too TMI, having a baby together has given us something big and wonderful to bond over. We are truly more in love than ever and I'm sure that closeness will only grow with time. Brandon has never been more attractive to me, and he has said the same. Hormones really don't deserve the bad rap that they get!

5) Parties are plentiful. This year has been full of celebration. I swear, I have never been so spoiled in my life. Our friends and family have been incredibly generous and I am absolutely indebted. I can't thank God enough for the blessings we've received. I never could have even imagined it all.

*Disclaimer: Every post on this blog (minus those by guests) are based on my personal experience, opinion and point of view. Your journey through pregnancy and parenting might be different, which doesn't make either of us wrong. Thank you for reading!
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