Thursday, November 6, 2014

Life :: How I "Do It All" (Guest Post)

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I wonder what my face looks like when someone asks me 'but how do you do it ALL!?'

No seriously.

People ask. I don't get it.

I'm not supermom by any means. I know people with more than two kids and do FAR more than I do. For instance, a fellow blogger and youtuber that I love reading/watching, Emily, at The Freckled Fox has 4 kids under 4, blogs, posts to Youtube and stays at home raising those 4 little munchkins! I'm sure she gets it ALL the time, HOW.DO.YOU.DO.IT.

I'm here to tell you something.

We don't do it all.

No one does.

My house is a freaking mess 85% of the time. If we know someone is coming over, Jer is usually frantically throwing toys in anything that will hold them, conceal them or cover them up.

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We've been using paper plates a lot lately. And while I hate the waste factor what I don't hate is the 90% less dishes that I have to do that night morning, because if I'm being real with you, I don't do that shit till the next morning on most occasions.

You're probably thinking, 'okay fine, I didn't mean EVERYTHING, I just mean, how do you edit videos, write blogs, cook, clean, go to work, manage two kids AND have time for your fiance.'

I don't.

That's the truth.

Jer and I will argue if he thinks I'm spending too much time on my computer or phone, which I'm not going to lie, sometimes I do! When I'm at work all day doing work things, and then come home and do mom things, sometimes I just want to stare aimlessly at my laptop and Pin my heart out, edit pictures and videos and ignore all other things around me. I'm still trying to find a balance between it all, because it's ALL important to me; work, motherhood and spending quality time with Jer while still finding time for my hobbies. Sometimes I have to put the phone and camera away and just remember that live moves far too fast.

Some things that I have found helpful is I will edit things while I take my lunch break at work. I'll answer emails and scroll through Instagram while I sit in Tracen's room and wait for him to fall asleep. Lately I've been trying to not touch my computer till it's after dinner and it's 'unwind' time, meaning the boys relax on the couch and watch a show before we read books and hit the hay. I will then try and edit and write things later at night. I also have about 25 posts in my draft box. I work on them as I go and I use the 'schedule' function in Blogger to schedule posts through out the week. 

Sometimes I let my kids make HUGE forts out of the couch cushions. This drives Jer IN.SANE. It doesn't bother me as much because it keeps them busy and I can then do some light house work or blogging while still being in the same room they are. I will also get up early to work on a video, blog post and start some laundry before anyone is up. There's something so satisfying about being up before everyone else is and I can get things accomplished!

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While it's a complete compliment when people make these comments, I do want them to know that don't be fooled by my makeup that day or the fact that my house is picked up. If you look in any closet I'm sure you'll find something that definitely doesn't belong there and I am probably rocking 3 day old hair with the same tank top from the day before. 

When all else fails, chug some coffee.

Chelsea is a full-time working mother of two little boys. While she enjoys being the only lady in the house it can be a little stressful! She writes for her personal blog, East Willow Grove and also produces weekly vlogs on her Youtube channel to ensure there will always be family videos to watch!
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