Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lessons :: Baby Update / 5.5 Months

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Here's what we learned and loved about our little one this past month...

Sleeping // Tremaine is actually sleeping more now! He still sleeps through the night but is taking 30-60 min naps during the day instead of the 10 minute ones he was doing last month.

Eating // He still loves rice cereal and oatmeal, and is still unsure about his fruits and veggies. It's really cute. He makes a weird face but then wants more! He eats a lot at once but not as often now. He has at least 8 oz of formula per feeding.

Clothing // Trey was 14.6 lbs and 26 inches at his 4-month appointment, but now that he's almost 6 I feel like he's doubled in size! He has another checkup in a couple weeks so we'll see. He can barely squeeze into his 6-month clothes and size 3 diapers!

Milestones // I really freaking hate milestones, but I have to pay attention to them because my doctor always asks. I just feel like they're pointless. As long as a baby's healthy and happy, who cares if he develops slower than other babies? I guess I'm defensive about it because he's barely rolling over and can't sit up on his own yet. I don't care until I get asked about it, and then I start worrying. I know there's nothing wrong with him, but it sucks that the pressure to achieve goals is already put on people as an infant. Can't we just go with the flow? I'm proud of him for being as active and charming as he is.

You can see my last update here!

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