Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lessons :: Baby Update / 7 Months

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Here's what we learned and loved about our little one this past month...

Sleeping // He has started waking up in the middle of the night again at 2 or 5am to eat. We try to make sure he consumes as much as possible during the day, but he is pretty clear on his signals and I don't want to force anything. I think he's just growing fast and getting hungrier. No big deal!

Eating // He still eats lots of formula and baby cereal, and he's starting to get used to fruits and veggies (especially fruits). He wants to try EVERYTHING we eat and put his mouth on everything else (especially paper and plastic wrappers... I think he likes the noise). Such a weirdo. We definitely have to baby-proof and watch him carefully now! It's so cute and fun though seeing him grow and explore his world.

Clothing // He's now 16 pounds and 27 inches... I think. It's been a couple weeks since his last appointment. To me, he feels like a good 20 pounds and he needs to wear 9-12 month clothes.

Milestones // I hated milestones until, of course, he started hitting them. He can roll like a champ, sit up on his own, scoot across the floor and pull himself up in the crib. He has one and a half teeth and he won't stop growing, no matter how much I beg him to stay little. He has also discovered his penis which makes bath time hilarious. And he talks... A LOT (without saying real words, of course)!

The above photos were actually taken in February when he was 5 months. New ones (just taken on my birthday last week) are below (and there's tons of kissing, you've been warned). If you're my Facebook friend, you've already seen many of these. Thanks for letting me share!

 photo newborn_infant_photo_baby_loudmouth_lifestyle_6.png
 photo newborn_infant_photo_baby_loudmouth_lifestyle_7.png
 photo newborn_infant_photo_baby_loudmouth_lifestyle_8.png
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You can read my last baby update here and head over to my main blog for more business-y stuff.

*Photos by Megan Burke.
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